Friday, April 10, 2009

Making things better

You should watch 60 minutes this Sunday (4/12/09). I'm kind of excited to see if there's anymore to this clip!

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Brent is not on this project... or heck, maybe he is. I can't keep track! I've heard about the arm but I've never seen it in person. This video almost makes me cry! Look how happy that arm makes that guy!! Making things's all good. I hope this takes off and helps many others!


Charlene said...

This is major cool! Brent has such an awesome job - I wish Rick and I were up for living on the east coast cuz I would definitely apply to work on Dean's team :)

Jackie said...

That guy was so sweet. I loved when he was talking about "his" arm and got all choked up. I can't believe they had not changed the prostetic arm techology since WWII!

Marion said...

We watched that show. The technology is so amazing. I'm very impressed with all that Dean and his company have developed.

Loretta (Lora's Mom) said...

This is wonderful. I know Brent has really enjoyed working on this project.

Caroline said...

I got choked up watching that clip; I wish I had seen the show.

Dean Kamen has an amazing brain and has surrounded himself with amazing brains! I am always impressed with the products they put out.

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