Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Tuesday...Doom's Day...
I was layed off...laid off....booted out the door from where I worked for 9 years, today. HAPPY FRICKIN' TUESDAY!
I came home and felt sorry for myself for about 15 minutes then though...NAH this is not the way to go out! SO I went to Walgreens and got a Mtn. Dew, Fast Break Candy bar, and some bubble bath and "Celebrated" Turned on some rock -n- roll and relaxed. This is the first time I've been jobless since I got a job waaaaay back when I worked at "Everything's a Dollar" and yes, everything was a dollar! (Don't you love those stores! Great for kids! haha)
I'll be pulling Nathan out of daycare and attempt to be a full time mommy at least until the new year. I will enjoy the Thanksgiving Holiday with my family and Christmas Holiday with out worrying about deadlines and commitments for work (did I send that email? Did I fax the shippers?? Did I send the bills off??!!) What a blessing!!! I'll be a new woman! HA! I have a paid in full membership to the Gym, that INCLUDES childcare, so during the day while Jake's at school, Nate and I can go to the Gym..I can work out and he can play with other little ones! I'm rather excited now that I'm writing all this down!
Hopefully I can do some more art and knitting while looking for a replacement job!

A HAPPY BIRTHDAY SHOUT out to my friend Heather! Hope it's a great one!! :)

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