Saturday, November 26, 2005

Things are going better. :) I have been sending out resume's left and right. I got a letter back from the Jefferson County School District and I have to go take a typing test and some other test for the position.

On the fun side I've been knitting and beading between the resume send outs. I looked at my work space and thought, "How do I work in this mess" , but seems I manage and get things created. Lately I've been working on beaded faces and having fun with those. I have to get that lamp working so I'll have some good light.

I also finished a little knitted hat for the boys. There's a couple spots where I dropped a stitch and I have to get them fixed, but it's a hat!! No pattern, I just winged it... slid it on their head a couple times in the process. I'm working on another now for my DH.

Heather taged me she challenged me to the 5 Women meme thats been circling the Blog circuit so here are my the 5 Women who have Inspired me...
My mother-she's such a good mother, friend, girlfriend, you name it! She's always there for me and the boys and my DH. She supports my beady habit by wanting almost ONE of everything I make, so I normally have to make two!
Carol aka Mamarox-with out the push from this friend, I don't think I would have come to the love of bead that I did! She also has the most beautiful out look on life and I strive to remember to keep the same positive out look! you can check her out at her website
My best friend Tina- Tina and I met our freshman year of Highschool. We have been best friends ever since. We've gone through a lot together and have supported each other through sad times. I think the worst was the loss of her mother.
There are a lot of other gals out there that are big inspirations and just awesome women in my life!!
Heather, Becca, Ellen, Cris, Dot, Donna, Tamelyn, Celti, Lea (miss our chats girlie), Grace, Jenn, Stephanie.

Now for some Holiday Spirit! We went to the mall yesterday and ran into a jolly old man! :) How fun!

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Mamarox said...

Ah, ya made me blush (and tear up just a wee bit)Thank you so much for your sweet words. you have a pretty great outlook on life as well and the best sense of humor of anyone I know. Rock on sister friend!!
hey, can i add you to my blog list?