Monday, December 05, 2005

HAPPY MONDAY!!! I had an interview this morning! It went great...until... they told me what it paid. Let's just say if I would have taken this job I would have LOST money! I get more from Unemployment! haha! Anyway, it was good practice.

My mom and I had a fun weekend. We shrunk an old sweater and made it into a CUTE purse! I see more of these in my future!! TOO FUN!

On another note...I went to a super fun Christmas party over the weekend. They had karaoke!! OH MY did I have fun. Sang some songs from Grease with my friend Jenn, sang a little Frank Sinatra "That's Life" and who knows what else. Now all I've been listening too today is Nancy Sinatra singing "These Boots are Made for Walkin' " MAN what a fun song to dance too. I'm so glad no one can see in my basement because I'm having fun with this song!! HAHA!!!

I went to Ben Frankin's Craft store today and I must say...their book selection on knitting stuff is MUCH Better than Michaels and Hobby Lobby! I'll be heading back there after I find a job! And they have yarn that can be felted.... OOOO Purses..hats....oh I can't wait! to check on Nathan...he's gotten quiet all of the sudden... The other day this happened and about 20 minutes later I FINALLY found him sleeping under..yes UNDER the bunk beds!! I couldn't find him at first and was like "OH I've already failed as a SAHM!!!" LOL!! But alas, he found a dark spot and went to sleep. Funny kid!

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Stephanie Distler artist said...

Lora that is wonderful!
Love it!!!