Thursday, December 01, 2005

Brent and Lora Posted by Picasa

This is an old picture of Brent and I....taken about a year ago. Brent took the picture with his super long arms. haha
The job search is going well. I had 3 places to check out this week and talk to, and I feel good about how they all turned out. At least I came out feeling like I am still employable. One thing I wasn't ready for was TEST!! OMG they want you to take a test to get hired... OH I used to have the worst test anxiety!! I think I did well though. If not...well off to another job, these are stepping stones.
The boys are gearing up for Christmas.... well Jacob is. He hasn't really said much about what he wants except he saw some Higgly Town Hero figurines at the Disney Store and I may try and go back and get those for him. He's a pretty easy kid to please!!
I guess tomorrow I'll start on my Christmas Cards. Need to go ahead and get those addressed and mailed out and use our stamps we have before the new rate takes effect.
Well..I think it sounds as if Nathan has fallen asleep so I think I'll take this time to create SOMETHING with my beads!!
Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas!

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