Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Oh how I love Christmas. We have the Holiday shuffle down pat!!! Here's the low down on what, where, when and the OMG of it all!!

Christmas Eve: The Inlaws (father and step mother's side) WONDERFUL dinner and night of presents!! The kids hit the mother load at this stop! Jacob got one of those Read With Me DVD things, and that is super cool!! Nathan got toys and lots of clothes but seemed more interested in playing with the dog :)
Christmas Morning: SANTA CAME TO OUR HOUSE!!! Jacob woke up and came and got Brent and I out of bed. We told him we never heard Santa, so go check and see if Santa came. He when down stairs and peeked and all you could hear were his feet running back up the steps to us saying HE CAME HE CAME!! The kids hit the mother load with Santa too!

Christmas Afternoon: My grandmother's house. Brent and I got a crocheted afghan!! I've been sleeping with it ever since!! It's so special!!
Christmas Evening: The Inlaws (yep again, this time the mom and her hubby) I scored 19 skeins of white yarn and a sweater pattern!! I'll have to see if this is what I want to make or maybe something else. I think, believe it or not, I need more yarn for it!

Day after Christmas: My parent's house. OK... by now Nathan had enough of being good!!! Note I have not said one crazy thing he did! Well this one topped the cake!!! Nathan put Jacob's NEW shoe in a candle!! My dad got into the kitchen just in time to save the shoe on fire, luckily Jacob can still wear it! Nathan was not hurt and I'm VERY happy about that!

Today we stayed home and rested. I am glad the holidays over, but we had FUN!!!!!!

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