Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Well...lots of crazy stuff going on today in my house!!! First off. KNITTING!!! Working on some socks!! FUN FUN!!

And then my dear son Nathan, the two year old decided to lock himself in the bathroom with the cold water on in the sink. Well...I'm shook up a bit but finally got him out. DH was on the phone with Jacob while I'm franticly looking for a flat head screw driver...water's flowing in to the basement like Niagra falls..... Jacob's telling me to Calm down Calm down, I'm sure that was coming from Brent. I laugh now but I was in tears trying to get the door unlocked. I do NOT know how those door knobs work so I'm unscrewing everything I can, and finally I figure it out! Got Nathan out...he is a bit wet, but comes out smiling... Little stinker!!

The little stinker after we broke him out. He looks so sorry doesn't he?? Hey friends, do not ever expect me to bust you out of jail...I can barely get a kid out of a bathroom!!

The basement floor under the bathroom....needed to be mopped anyway!

The bathroom door after I got him out. I'm thinking of removing the lock. This would mean no more private time in the bathroom, but I'm willing to take that after seeing my skills at taking apart a door!!!

On that note...Nathan is laying down on the floor so I could only guess that means we've all been worn out from this!!! So I'm going to go rest...and find a DRINK!!!!!!!! Where's my Diet Cherry Coke?!?

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