Monday, December 12, 2005 if you saw this sign while driving down the road would YOU stop?? I had too! I'm sorry but this needs more explaining to me. "YARN" Oh you tease! What you do mean YARN!? Well I found out. It was a yarn shop! Nice looking and hope to go back and visit again, but there's a very nice one closer to me that I have even met a couple people at and I love the atmosphere in the closer yarn shop.
Speaking of yarn, I finished another project. A head band for me for those cold days. It's a bit big though...Maybe if I wash it it will tighten up a little bit.

This is me sporting my new headband. I like it! That's my darlin' Nathan with me. Love his Cheeeeeese expression???

Next project please!!!! I got some patterns from my friend Cris and some yarn from my friend Heather, so I'm sure both of them are waiting for something to come out of those gifties :) Thanks girls!! Off to see what's next!!

BTW, I'm starting to enjoy unemployment! LOL


Mamarox said...

I would so be yelling that as I drove by.
I will not take up knitting,
I will not take up knitting,
I will not take up knitting...

Hn'K said...


WTG you, another FO. Can't wait to see another one. I am so thrilled that your enjoying this precious downtime, enjoy it while it lasts!!

Oh and Mamarox,

You must learn to knit...

Lora said...

Cris....she'll give in eventually... I'll have to go visit her and hook her like she did me to beading!!!

Heather said...

Love the head band Lora. You're so freakin cute. Its almost bee cold enough here to wear one. I was wondering wear my mittens were this monring. Love ya. Keep knittin!