Thursday, December 15, 2005

Christmas Wrapping 101

Ok...first tip I have here...
Get rid of the little elves..they are NO help!

All they want to do is look at their cute little reflections in the Christmas wrapping paper.

We did a little dancing (see video here, no sound) with my Rosie O'Donnell Christmas CD. Rosie and Ricky Martin are fun to dance too! My little elf is good at dancing so at least I do have a dance partner.

I did some shopping for Christmas yesterday and I've finally got the Christmas spirit. Although I was getting worried because "Santa" couldn't find what Jacob wanted that was at the Disney store, but PRAISE be to EBAY!!! "Santa" found the item and we've already received shipment confirmation!!! yaaaaaahooooooooo

On another note...beading and knitting. Been doing a bit trying to finish up for Christmas. I'm trying to knit a little bag to felt to use for some jewelry I'm giving someone. I hope it turns out. Of course!! I'll get a picture...sheesh back off :)

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