Sunday, January 15, 2006

Brent and the boys and I went running around yesterday and check out what I found this time!! Close Knit Cafe'!!! I can't wait to go visit!!

Brent and I went out Saturday night and heard a couple good bands. Check out their myspace profiles and you can hear their songs.
I love Louisville....there's some good music running through here.

I also came to the conclusion that I have a bathroom soap fetish. I always want to know what the soap smells like and I feel the urge to share with Brent when it's a good smelling soap! He seems to appreciate my weirdness least I don't share the stinky soaps. Haven't you ever been somewhere and their soap just smelled SO GOOD you wanted like 12 gallons of it!?!? One time we went to an O'Charley's to eat and they had the best smelling soap...Went back to the same one later and they changed brands... bad move O'Charley's.. I just love good smelling hand soap. Odd...but it's the simple things that entertain ya sometimes. :0)

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