Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Things are going smooth around here. Not too much excitement to report on.
The other night Brent and I were having a discussion in the car about some people at his work and reasons they were getting fired and such. Sometimes you forget little ears are listening. Jacob pipes up and ask, "What does fired mean?" and Brent tells him, "Fired is when you lose your job." Trying to keep it simple ya know...but the kid doesn't miss a beat... "OH Mommy got Fired!!" Geez thanks Brent.. LOL I guess we could have been clearer with him, but I think Brent was getting a kick out of that a liiiitttle tooooo much... Silly man!
Tonights Knitting night.. Meeting with the girls, so I thought the above picture was perfect for knitting night :)
Still doing the job search thingie. No one banging down my doors yet, but I saw a couple more positions with the Board of Education I'm going to check out. Wish me luck~

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