Friday, February 17, 2006

I went to an awesome concert the other night!! It was HEM from Brooklyn, NY. I had to go by myself because it was on a Wednesday night and all my friends have jobs they seem to think they need to get up for the next morning. It was the best dang $5.00 for a concert!!! I ended up buying their newest album "No Word From Tom" but I'm going to have to add their other ablums to my collection! It's just good folk progressive music! Makes me want to learn how to play the mandolin! LOL They do a cover of The Tennessee Waltz that is just so good!! If these guys are ever in your town..... GO SEE THEM!!! They had an opening act, Ben Weaver, from Minneapolis, MN. He was pretty good too. I met a gal that was in from St. Louis on work, but she worked her schedule around just so she could see Hem too. Very cool. Also met a couple who was kind enough to share their table with us, so I was right up in the front!! Great seats. I can't wait for them to come back to Louisville. Maybe I'll run into the people I met there!! Nice people!!

The job hunt is still on!!! Who knows when something will fall in my lap but it will be soon... OH LOOK Nathan's in my lap now!! haha!! Yes the best job is MOMMY!!! Pays with kisses and hugs! Awesome!

In other Jacob is growing up fast!!! TOO FAST!!!


Deb said...

Hi, Lora--I like HEM, I have some of their works-good prog!


Anonymous said...

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