Monday, February 20, 2006

SO I was over on Violet's blog reading and the gals were talking about what's in their purse. So I dumped mine out to see if anything interesting was in there. I found that I had 2 pens, spray listerine, spearmint tic-tac's, check book, list of supplies needed from Lowe's (remember that bathroom...One of my trip list) $1.25 (watch out world! She's rich), my cell phone, A goddess keychain FOB that was on my keyring but popped off (Made by my friend Ellen) and my wallet.
The best find was a card in my wallet from some flowers my husband sent me years ago. It said, "I love you Nut. I wouldn't trade you for anything in the world." WOW! No wonder I kept that!! So sweet!! He's such an awesome Husband!!
My purse, if you remember, is an Old Navy sweatshirt that my mom sewed into a purse for me.
I love carrying it around!!
Well, it seems Nathan has escaped out into the back yard...I better go get him!


Sioux said...

Love the sweater-made into a purse and the goddess fob! What great art!

Gosh, thanks Lora, for the comment on my blog. Love your name, BTW, one granddaughters is Christina Lora Elizabeth, and my grandmother was Lora Day!

Have a good evening!!

Thien-Kim said...

Wow! I'm impressed. For a big purse, your contents are pretty simple. I have a small purse and I still think I have too much. I'm designing a diaper bag/purse so I can carry around my sketchbook.