Friday, March 10, 2006

I was working in my craft area yesterday, or studio I guess you could call it. It's really just the attic. Anyway here are some pictures of my area.

This is my stamp shelf and stamps. My Dad made the stamp shelf for me. It's awesome!! The painting to the right is my husbands hand print. Underneath that are 3 voodoo dolls that a friend brought back from New Orleans. He didn't want to keep them in his house so I took them all. I told him I just wanted one. He bought 3-4 for co-workers and the other co-workers didn't want them in their homes either so I gave all three a home. Things are wild up there with those dolls sometimes!! They make a mess! :)
This is my basket of friends. The bunny, white angel and green doll to the far right are from swaps that I participated in. The green doll with the copper color face is a WIP for me and a gift from Tamelyn. The round looking beaded ornament on the far left infront of the bunny is a kit from a good friend Cindy who was a great inspiration to me and my beading. There's a beaded face in there from a swap and then a small doll infront of the two green dolls that is also a WIP for me. She needs her back finished. There's also a purple gothic jagged bracelet in there but you can't see it. The fabric they are all setting on is a gift from a gal in Japan. The basket came from Hickory Farms when I worked there years ago for seasonal work.
These are a couple drawers of my beads. The top drawer holds some of my delicas.
This is my yarn drawer...not a whole lot in there but I have some stragglers around the house. The other drawers hold "stuff" that I just can't bear to throw away because I may need it someday for my artwork!
This is my wall of little drawers...beads and stamping supplies, paper and such. HEY there's my broom! I need to take that back down to the kitchen!
This is my beading desk. In the tall snowman jar is where I store my needles, but I just ordered a knitting bag for those..whee. There are several tins of bead projects there to the left. I love tins!!

Well...that's my room.... I dare not show you the floor because there are things that need a home and I just haven't found one yet.


MargaretR said...

What a tidy workroom. I wish I could keep mine like that.

Knitting with Samson's Hair said...

Will you help me organize mine once I dig out all the other junk from the room that is destined to be "the craft room"? Hi Lora -- thanks for the invite for Tuesdays. I already have a commitment for the next 3 Tuesdays, but I'll check you all out soon. E-mail me at so we can talk not so publicly. Did you figure out my sock class is at Close-Knit Cafe? Hope to hear from you soon!!!!! You are TIDY, by the way!! I'm inspired!