Saturday, March 18, 2006

I've been working on a knitted back's going to be so cute!! I'll have to get some pictures later and post them for you to see. But it's coming a long nicely.

Last night Brent and I went out for St. Patrick's Day. We went and heard a band and the lead singer was a gal my brother graduated with so it was cool to see her again. I think Brent want's to go back again...there were girls dancing on the bar!! LOL

Well one thing you might not know about me is I like to watch Mixed Martial Arts Fights...and my husband likes to fight IN the MMA Fights.... Now don't ask me why I let him do it, because honestly....I don't let him do anything, and he doesn't let me do anything in return... We aren't each other's boss... So while it scares the beejeeezes outta me when he fights...I still like it.
I think his record is 4 and 2. Yesterday he got the dvd from one of his recent fights and didn't open it until about 2am when we got home from the bar...and he starts WOOHOOOing and yelling for me (mind you kids are SLEEPING!!!). Seems he was on the front cover of the dvd. Very exciting for him, and I was happy for him too. Now the guy he fought...I don't feel so happy for... poor fella looks roughed up!! But I'm proud of Brent and think it's neat he's on the cover. He was the "Main event" for this round of fights so that was cool. Here's the picture.
Brent's the one on the left :)

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