Friday, March 17, 2006

I got the results back from the FNA and everything is NORMAL!! I called my mom and she's happy, I called my dad and he laughed...nothing normal about me to him I guess haha!!
SO I'm glad about that.

I had an interview this went well but something about it being a salary position has me sounds like it would be about 50-55 hours a week... so.. I don't know... and occasional Saturdays.. Do I want to give up Saturdays?? It would only be from 7-12 but still.. I'm not sure I want to do that. I haven't worked a Saturday in over 12 years!! I think it would be a culture shock LOL!
I also just found out that the PT job I was really hoping for isn't going to follow through either. They've chosen two other people to further check into...and this was after 2 hours of interviews and test!! I'm a bit peeved!
SO... back to job searching!! Wish me luck!

Now back to our regularly schedule crap...I mean Crafts! ;)

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Thien-Kim said...

That's great news!