Sunday, April 02, 2006

Happy Sunday everyone. Yesterday was a busy busy day!

I have signed up to be a
Stampin' Up Demonstrator. I am excited about the opportunites for this and the fun that I hope to have!! We did a make and take, which was a tile. Very fun! I won a game and came away with a NEW Stamp set, and then for signing up, the gal that is going to be my leader gave me a welcome pack with another stamp set it in, so I feel like I scored big time.

After the Stampin' Up meeting I called Brent and he had the boys at the skate park, so I headed down town to spend the day with was a BEAUTIFUL DAY!!! Jacob is really getting better on his scooter too!!
Here is Jacob on his scooter and Brent and Nathan in the back ground siding on the half pipe.

After we finished at the skate park we headed down to the river and the park. We ran acoss some funky art so I snapped a shot of the boys.

There were several odd "animals" down there.. the boys just happen to be standing at this one at the same time so I snapped a shot with my cell phone (I should pack my digital camera in my purse more often)

After the wild animals we headed to the park and played, bought some hot dogs from a hot dog stand and then played some more at the park. Then we went down by the river. Both of the boys LOVED looking out at the water and throwing drift wood back into the water.

I think Brent and Jacob wished for some waves...but alas...this is the Ohio River ....pretty calm.

And then there was time to reflect on the because they were all too pooped to party.

After the river, we headed home to rest for a bit and let Nathan take a nap...which was WAY short!! Then we decided to clean up and go out to see a movie. We went by the movie theater and bought our tickets early since we were going to a 9:30 pm show. We went down the street from the movie theater to go eat at Qdoba and heard a bluegrass band playing at the Tattoo Shop that we frequent, Twisted Images. We went in and talked to Rodney and visited for a bit and then Vinnie threw some fire...VERY COOL! Then we walked across the street to eat.

After dinner we went to see Ice Age, The was TOO CUTE and both boys sat thru the whole thing and watched! They were so good and the place was darn near empty...I was surprised, but we went to a small theather..not one of the big popular ones! The boys both had booster seats which put them higer up and Nathan even layed across his a couple times...Head on Daddy, feet on me, but lounging, living the high life, watching a BIG movie!! TOO FUN!! We came home and then all four of us crashed for the night!!!

BUSY DAY!!! But Much Fun!

(all pictures were taken with my cell phone camera...that's why they're so grainy)

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Thien-Kim said...

Congrats on joining Stampin' Up! You're going to be great!