Tuesday, April 04, 2006

I did it! I finally did it!!! I made the bracelet! This was the ONLY reason I learned to knit because I wanted one of these for myself. And now I have one! I got the directions from Knitty.com, it's the Mary Ella project on their site!! BIG THANKS to Heather and Tamelyn because with out those two ladies I would have never started knitting! I've already started on my second bracelet. They are so fun!
(click on the bracelet a larger picture will pop up.)

It's a beautiful day outside today so the boys and I went on a little trip after we went to the post office. First we stopped by Churchill Downs. I am ready for some Derby fun!! Here's a shot of them outside Churchill Downs. Then after that we went into the Kentucky Derby Museum and I bought them both something. Then off to the new Baseball field to goof off for a bit.....

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Kelly said...

Cool-o bracelet! I'm impressed. Wowsa...Churchhill Downs is one of my childhood dreams, and you were there!