Friday, April 07, 2006

Yesterday I had a nice afternoon at Baer Fabrics. I was able to purchase everthing I need for my "art gone wild" weekend coming up! I'm so excited. Here are some pictures of the goodies I bought... Any of my crafty friends that come and visit...this is a must visit.. I didn't even hit the button section and I want to get back in there!! Take a look.

Here are some of the threads I bought and a couple pieces of trim. And below is all the fabric I bought!

And then below you'll see a card that I stamped. I am really getting excited about the Stampin' Up business, so I pulled out some of my Stampin' Up Stamps and created this card.

I am also knitting about 3 more of those beaded/knitted bracelets. MUCH FUN!!! One is for my mom for mother's day...but don't tell her... I don't think she reads this... if she does..then.. mom, you didn't see that!


Mamarox said...

Fun! Love te colors, looks like a great shop and they have Ultrasuede! too cool! The card is super sweet, you really Are in the mood for new flip flops.

Heather said...

Love the colors in your new stash. Your doll is going to be fabu. Fun card.. you will need to make lots of samples for your new endeavor and you are off to a great start!