Sunday, May 14, 2006

Two post in one day.... I'm entitled, it's Mother's day!! Brent and the boys went to the race track today and gave me some "ME" time!! I watched Chick flicks and made cookies!!! It was a lovely day.
The boys came home and Jacob handed me a bag with a box and said "Here mom, it's a camera, Happy Mother's Day." and walked off. LOL!! So Brent and I have been playing with it and here's a fun shot we just took.

Jacob and Nathan had fun at the race tracks with their dad, uncle, grandmama and grand dude. Jacob won a couple races on horses he picked and Nathan got to pet some horses too. I'm glad they enjoyed their day too!! Nate's in the red and blue toboggan and Jake's in the orange.

Jacob and his Ticket

Brent and the boys (Below)

Nathan waving to the horses as they go by. Nathan loves horses....or as he says "hoey" haha

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Mamarox said...

Whee, a camera! Have fun, can't wait to see waht you snap! happy Mom's day, a little late, but then again, everyday is really Mother's day...