Thursday, May 18, 2006

Here is a better picture of the knitted/beaded bracelets!!! I'm happy with them. They were fun to make!! Now I'm knitting a purse. I need to finish that darn back pack one day!!
It's raining like crazy here... I'm on the 2nd go around with the dryer and Nathan's shoes... That child is a magnet to puddles... argh!
I had my first Stampin' Up! workshop the other night!! It was a good one too and I can't wait for the next one!! WHEEEEEE


jojo* said...

Cute bracelets! I've never done beading...I could see myself spilling beads all over the floor!

Thanks for your sock input on my blog. Yours turned out really cute. What size needles did you use?

Emma said...

Those are really pretty. I love the color and sparkle!

Kelly said...

so...what would I have to trade to get a knitted bracelet? Like as in what do I have or make that you would like to have? Those bracelets are great!

judie said...

Nice bracelets, Lora. I have never been able to knit, and my beading is mostly limited to daisy chains and stringing. My girlfriend makes those little beaded change purses that are combined with knitting. You knitty gals are so clever. I see your family likes horse races. Did you go to the Derby? I have been saying prayers for Barbaro's recovery.

Keep creating!!

Anonymous said...

Wow! Your bracelets are lovely! I wish i could knit and bead!

Love Violette

Stephanie Distler artist said...

Lora these are so beautiful! Love them, love them. I see you are experimenting with other mediums also, too cool.

Jeromeian said...

those bracelets are delicious. my favorite shades of green