Monday, June 12, 2006

Last Friday I made some coin purses!! These will eventually go on my Esty store which I hope to have up by the end of the week!! I plan on making more of these with different fabrics since my friend Heather and I went in on an ebay lot of 100 zippers!! woohoo!! Love me some zippers!

This fabric is a design by Suzy Toronto. I love her art work! Side one view.
Inside View
Side two view
I did the cross stitch on this little Eeyore coin purse the week I was in the country with my SIL and all our children. The outside fabric was a gift from my friend Mamarox, and the inside fabric is pooh fabric I got on sale at Walmart in the sale bin! It's a great place to get small amounts of fabric for little projects like this!

The boys and I made sock puppets yesterday. I found an Oscar the Grouch sock which Jacob said was for him, and then a sock with a bunch of flowers on that was for me, but Nathan liked it too, so we share. I had a sock with dogs on it for Nate, but he was off playing after he colored his mouth in. I finished it off and I hope today to get a puppet show from the boys!! I'll have my video camera ready for sure!


judie said...

OMG I LOVE those coin purses Lora.

tinker said...

Cute coin purses, Lora!
And the sock puppets are adorable - a synchronicity: I just saw a book at the library this weekend called (I kid you not) - "Stupid Sock Creatures"! It had the cutest sock puppets w/monsters & such, it was really fun.
Bet your kids had a ball with the puppet show!
terri/tinker (from Violette's msg board)