Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Last night after "knitting practice" (as Jacob calls it, it's my night out I go knitting with some girlfriends at a coffee shop), I went to Walmart to browse. I stumbled into the fabric section, ok ok I ZOOMED into the fabric section and just enjoyed looking at all the fabrics with out being rushed. Saw some fabric that I tried bidding on off of ebay and didn't win, and I didn't buy it at Walmart either. Guess the urge left me for that one. Then I stumbled across this....

Remember I told you we went and saw Cars at the drive in the other night?? Well I saw they had 3 different kinds of Cars fabric and I just had to have some. I thought, what could I make?! Then I thought, PILLOWCASES!! SO I got enough to make both boys pillow cases out of the fabric. I'm excited, Jacob didn't seem to excited. *frown* Maybe after I acutally make it, he'll see what I mean!!

Then I strolled over to the bargin bin and rooted through there and picked up these for remnants that were on sale!! The Elvis fabric is SO COOL, the striped fabric and yellow fabric will make great linings for coin purses, and the butterfly print.....well I just don't know yet what the future holds in store for it, but it was cheap and on sale and pretty, so I got it! I love bargin bins! I wish they had an empty one beside it so I could look at every one of them! I know I looked silly holding ones I didnt' want and I was sticking them everywhere just to get to Elvis at the bottom!! The bin came up to almost my waist and it was FULL of fabrics that were cut wrong or left over or whatever!
Here's a close up of the Elvis fabric!! it's going to make CUTE coin purses I think!! Unless I think of something else to do!!! who knows..maybe a mid size clutch or something!

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