Sunday, August 27, 2006

Happy Sunday. Brent has been bringing me to his office to check my email so I'm trying to post quickies just to keep you updated.

Yesterday was mine and Brent's anniversary. 11 years married!! wheeee

We celebrated and bought ourselves a new washing machine for our clothes since our old one died back in MAY!!! I'm SO tired of laundry mats.

It's grey and cold in NH today and feels GREAT!!! I talked to mom in KY and she said it was sunny and HOT there, so I was glad to be in the cooler area!

I went to a knitting group in Concord earlier today. Had a very nice time!!

Until next time!


Stacy Hayes said...

we've missed you! isn't marriage the best? congrats on your 11 years AND the washer...these are the two most wonderful things :D

jojo* said...

Congrats on 11 wonderful years together!

judie said...

Hey Lora. So glad you are happy with your move. It's a BIG change. Happy Anniversary. Looking forward to you coming back to lots of blog posting. :)