Friday, September 15, 2006

Hello from my new home! We finally have our internet access up! I'm so happy! Let's see, where should I start.

I left Kentucky on August 3rd, my birthday, with my two beautiful son's, my mother and my dog. An hour into the ride we have some vomit action going on in the back seat from one of the boys, but after that the ride was pretty uneventful, thank goodness!!!

Jacob celebrated his 6th birthday here at our new home and he has lost two teeth! The toothfairy was very good to him. He has started First grade too and seems to really like his school and teacher.

Nathan is....well...NATHAN!! That boy is so rough!! He has a broken leg right now, but hey, that does NOT slow him down!! That boy can skoot like nobody's business. He wants to go to school with Jacob and gets upset when we drop Jacob off. He tells me in the car on the way home, "I go to my skoo." Too cute.

Brent is doing great at work! In the picture above he is in one of the wheelchairs in which he works on. We live so close to his work he drove it by the house today to say hello to Nathan and I, (and our dog Lincoln). You can see that in this picture Nathan now has a red cast on.

I have found a great local knitting group and the gals have really welcomed me with open arms! I miss my Sunergo gals to bits though.


Becca said...

HIII from NY!! :)

Glad you're online now - I never did get to call you back right before I left - it got waay to busy with all the packing and such. :)

The house is sooooo cute, and I'm glad you're all happy!!

Mamarox said...

So happy you are back on line, Irt's been quiet around here with out you. Glad all is relatively ok, I just having boys means broken things. Remember Q and his chin, 3 times!
Big hugs to everyone!!!!!

YogaGardenGirl said...

Lora, your boys are SO cute! Your house is very nice! So glad I finally get to read your blog. Mind if I add a link to it from my blog? You can snag my blog button, too, if you like. See you at knitting on Wed! BTW, your store has some beautiful things in it!

Thien-Kim said...

Glad to see you're back!!!