Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Avast Ye Hardy's!!!!!
Or something like that!! Carol says today is International Talk Like a Pirate Day, so I had to put up a proper picture and attempt to Talk like a Pirate. In the picture is my oldest niece, Lacey and my oldest son, Jacob. They were in Grayson Co., KY with my mother when the picture was taken sometime over the summer before we moved to NH.
For all my knitting buddies they have a cute bag on there to knit with some skulls on it. Yes you too, can Knit Like a Pirate.
Brent's in Detroit this week for work so it's just the boys and I hanging out at the new homestead. We've rented some movies and we're just kicking back and relaxing.
I've been beading faces for Carol's Face Swap (see last year's here) and I can't wait to get my returns!!
I'm working on knitting a bath mat for my bathroom. I purchased 4 bags of Cotton Loops like you use on those square looms to make pot holders, and I've looped them all together. Now to start knitting. This should be interesting. Right now the whole 4 bags are looped together and in a laundry basket because if I wound up all that it would be one big ball of LOOPINESS!! Lord knows I'm loopy enough....
Anyway... I'd take a picture but Brent has packed away the Camera. When he calls tonight I'll ask him where it is and get a picture of the basket to blog about tomorrow and you can see how far I've gotten.
Nathan's leg is doing fine. He's getting around just fine and starting to TRY to put some weight on the foot and tries to walk. I'm not encouraging it until I find him some slipper socks so he doesn't slide all over the creation and break something else if he slips.
Back to knitting...


Gigi said...

I LOL when I saw that picture of your little pirates. One of the first things I saw upon arriving at work this AM was a teen dressed like a pirate. Over the course of the day there were at least three more sightings of different pirate clad individuals traveling through the halls! Gotta love it!

Mamarox said...

Yar, and mighty fine pirates, they be! Here's to silliness and all the blokes that partake in it!

deb said...

Arrr...thank ye for scurrin' ore to me blog. Thought I should check out yorn as well. Fine young lads ye got there.

Have ye a fine day, mate.