Monday, September 25, 2006

Did I have a good time yesterday or what?!?!
I went to the Boston Knit-out and Crochet 2006. I rode with Jackie and Gaye. Let me tell ya...Jackie can get around in Boston with NO PROBLEM!! She knew exactly where to go with out a map and we even beat the crowd at the Knit-out! Gotta love being early. That means you get the GOOOOOD Freebies!

The Stitching Mantis gave out a cute little bag with some fabric, a button and a 50g ball of Sensu Wool with a pattern for a little change purse to knit.
Another table gave a skein of Manos Cotton Stria (50g) in a pretty pretty bold red.
Another table gave a skein of Phoenix Classic Elite Yarn (50g) Kinda eyelashy.
Then I got a book called After Dark Uncommon Knits For Night Time, yes for FREE!! It's by Jil Eaton. There are some sassy patterns in there, even some for children.
We also ran into Chris and Erika. We hung out with them during the key note speakers and then after that we headed to Windsor Button Shop . I bought some discontinued Berroco Duo for a scarf swap and then some Superwash Lang Yarn for some socks! They are a nice fall halloweeny/thanksgivingish color!! Going to start on them Wednesday night and attempt 2 socks on one needle. We'll see how it goes.
After the Windsor Button Shop, we all went to a local pub and had a late lunch. I had the BLT with fries and it was SOOOOO good. Good choice Erika!!
I had such a great time and yes, that was my first time in Boston. We drove by the front of Cheers (remember the show) and I put on my best tourist face as I googled out the window at it. I know.....nerd.
I can not wait until Brent and I have more time to go explore Boston.

I've been tagged by Gina. Here goes:
7 Songs:
1. The Blower's Daughter - Damien Rice - Man there is something about this guys voice that just goes through me. It's so dreamy and just relaxes me!!

2. Try - Aaron Crane- this is a guy that is from our home town that Brent and I used to go out and listen to often. He's in a band called Strumbeat. The song Try reminds me of the fun nights Brent and I spent out on the town in Louisville.

3. James Blunt - High

4. Home - Michael Buble - Another song that just goes through me and relaxes me. I love his voice too!

5. Into the Mystic - Van Morrison - this has always been a favorite of mine.

6. Alcohol - Brad Paisley - bet I can make you put that lampshade on your head.... tee hee

7. Don't forget to remember me - Carrie Underwood - This is a cd I got from my family before I left Kentucky. My mom even put a $50 in a birthday card for me...I guess she couldn't figure out how to get in my car with out me knowing to put it in my glove box. :)

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Jennifer said...

Hi Lora, I can't believe you found yourself in one of my Boston KnitOut 2006 blog pictures! What a hoot - especially because there were really quite a few people there. I am totally jealous of your free knitting booty, I got there too late :( lol Oh well, there's always KnitOut 2007...