Wednesday, September 27, 2006

OK I swiped a picture from Gaye's Blog. This is Erika, Chris, Cheesey-Me, and Jackie infront of a little Shirt shop outside. We were all together at the Knit-out. Oh how cheesey I look.
This is Gaye, taking that picture above. See she really was there!
After our big late lunch, some went for desert.

And just for cuteness Little Nate in his red cast! :) We went for a check up yesterday and they x-rayed his leg again. The cast is not ready to come off yet but Nathan did start a savings in his cast. He had two pennies in there. I told the Dr. that he was saving to pay him, and the dr. replies "But it's two pennies." and I said "Hey, it's a start." Sheesh...NO sense of humor!! Does he actually expect a 2 year old to NOT try and stick something in his cast?!? Anyway...the Dr. fished them out and I put them in Nathan's bank when we got home. The CORRECT place to put his pennies.

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YogaGardenGirl said...

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the pics!!! Was like I was almost really got a great haul with all that free stuff. Next year, I'm totally there! Great to see you last night, by the way! Oh, I linked you on my blog, too! Finally!