Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Yesterday, Mr. Bean (a.k.a. Nathan) turned 3!!! Hard to believe it! They grow so fast! He received a big box from Mom-mom and Pop-pop yesterday with books and shoes and a Wiggles Blanket. He loved it all! We celebrated with birthday brownies instead of a birthday cake.
Today I took him to the Orthopedic Dr. because of an "itchy" episode the other night. So they took the full leg cast off and put on a below the knee cast. Nathan picked Green this time.
He did really well when they cut the red one off, then they put on a green one and his foot wasn't at quite the right angle on the next cast so they had to cut it off and redo it again. Nathan was a Trooper!! He did great the WHOLE time!

To the Left here is Nathan with his bag of presents
(books and shoes and puzzles) And below is Nathan and his Wiggles blanket.
Tomorrow his Grandmama and Grand-dude show up for a visit. We are all ready to see some familar faces!!
Oh yeah..and see those chairs behind Nathan and his Wiggle's blanket?? That's our "Couch"... Well this afternoon my REAL COUCH is being delivered!! I can't wait to try it out knitting!! tee hee!!

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Gigi said...

Happy Birthday Mr. Bean! And congrats and graduating to a smaller cast. Whew, must be in the home stretch!

Wow Lora. No couch all this time! I'd be completely psyched for its arrival too. As I REALLY need to buy a new one soon, lounge on your new one a bit for me, would ya? :-D