Sunday, October 01, 2006

Hello fellow blogger readers. Not a whole lot going on here but there's some pictures to post :) that's always fun. So sit back and see what's NOT been going on.

These are some socks I'm working on. They are the Jaywalker Pattern. Special Thanks to Jackie for helping me get started on these...I tried at home alone and got alllllllll tangled up!!

Now..this is my craft cubby. If you go back a couple months you'll remember I that the WHOLE attic at the house in KY. Here I angled cove. It's cozy and I'm sure eventually I'll make a hole in the ceiling with my hard head!! LOL But look at it!! SO MESSY.. SO 15 minutes later, voila...I cleaned it up.
I was reading somewhere online where people take 15 minutes just to clean up an area so I thought, this can't work! So I tried it with my craft area..I could spend HOURS cleaning it in the attic of the old house! But hey...coves can be cleaned in about 15 minutes! Sweeeeet!
This is an ATC (Artist Trading Card) It is a quilted card with a stamped image and decorated with beads and such. This is in my friend Peggy's collection.
yes More knitting....what did you think? I slacked off? Anyway this is a purse that I made. It's using part of the Jaywalker sock pattern above. With it is the lining I hope to use and the zipper.

This is Jacob in his cool Tiger Cub Scout uniform! We are all excited to jump into Cub Scouts and hope Jacob makes some life long friends.

And from my Target outing...I scored these cute slippers!! I so wish the cross bones were knitting needles LOL


ErickaJo said...

Ah Flylady. I'm taking those 15 minute baby steps myself. It works, when I do it. I just need to train myself to do it all the time. Sink Reflections is the only self-help book that I own. Suprising in itself, because I'm not the self-help type. But I do love the Flylady.

Jackie said...

Those jaywalkers are coming along! I love Jacob's scout uniform - too cute!

Jennifer said...

Nice to meet you yesterday! What a cute purse in your post today - great lining too - I'd love to see it all together.

YogaGardenGirl said...

Oh, what a great cubby! Love it! And that trading card is FANTASTIC! I wanna make some! Looking forward to seeing your Jaywalkers, too : )