Wednesday, December 20, 2006

ok, Jackie and I think Nichole both tagged me and said I had to list 6 weird things about myself. I hope I don't have to double up and do 12!!! anyway, I may need some help you guys...I'm as normal as they come!! haha! OK OK it goes.
1. I like spagetti in my chili and I have to have a peanut butter sandwich with it!
2. I can't stand it when the corners of the fitted sheet pop off the bed. I don't make my bed, but the blankets have to be straight when I get in at night.
3. I like to peek in open windows of houses as we drive down the street to see what people are doing. I know....sounds like I'm a stalker doesn't it.
4. I like to look at maps. I LOVE google earth where you can see actual satelite pictures!!
5. I don't like to cross bridges. When I drive over a bridge, you can bet I'm going a bit over the speed limit!! OMG the Tapenzee Bridge in NY....ACK!!!!!!!!!!!!! And dont' let me get stuck on one during a traffic jam!! I'll go crazy!
6. Grates on the ground freak me out. I'm afraid I'll fall in them, and the crazy thing is, Nathan Loves to SIT on them and that just makes me go crazy!! I mean come on!! What if he fell in?!?!?! ack!! Even at the Christmas party the other night that big Steam Engine had a section you could walk through and I got all excited...until I saw that the flooring was just grating...I RAN across it .... I'm sure Brent's co-workers if any saw me, thought WTF? Why is she running through the engine?!?!

OK..I well seems that most of the people's blogs I read have done if you happen to stumble across this and you haven't done it...then... TAG!
And just to keep the weirdness going.... I like this song.... :P


Nichole said...

OMG sista, I'm right there with you on that Tapenzee Bridge! DRIVE FAST... :-)

YogaGardenGirl said...

I don't think any of the things you listed are weird...well...maybe except for the first one. Never thought of eating spaghetti, chili and peanut butter at the same time. LOL! Will we see ya tonight at knitting?

judie said...

Oh Lora, you should come visit me, and take a trip over the Bob Graham Sunshine Skyway Bridge. It's five miles long, over water, and very high. Google the name and you can see a pic of it. And in Charleston....ask Mz. Pammie about the old railroad bridge. It's over water, it swings (eeeeek) and it's ALL GRATE!! Scared me to death! I like to look in windows too, at night, but just to see the decor. Seems homey to do that. I only do it when I'm in a car tho, so I can be gone before I'm noticed. LOL

Jackie said...

First off, the spaghetti, chili and peanut butter combo is plain weird. I am with you on peeking in windows, I love to look in people's houses. The Tapenzee is the WORST! I hate it! The kids love looking over the water though.

Gigi said...

Tee Hee! Did you know "Personal Penguin" is a children's board book? I recognized it right away. Too cute.