Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Brent and I had a wonderful time at his company holiday party! We got to roam around Dean Kamen's home, and MY MY what a home it is!! We went out on his observatory deck that overlooked Bedford and Manchester, I believe, but it was cold so we didn't stay out there long, haha! Then we found something by the pool that would remind you of the batcave and we went behind there and low and behold a spiral staircase doing down stairs. So down we went. We found a beautiful wine cellar with lots-o-wine. Dean even has his own label! Too neat. We were able to see all of the past Christmas presents that the company built for Dean, which was very neat! There are some great engineers and machinist at Deka, I'll tell you that much.
This is me in Deans Machine shop which is in his basement.
This is Brent in the Steam Engine which sits right at the front door when you walk in. Here's a better Picture.
And here's me. From what I understand, the house was built around this contraption. The story I heard was Dean learned how to use CAD so he could design his own house. It's pretty friggin' awesome!
Of course we took a photo of ourselves. This was us sitting beside the pool... No we didn't skinny dip.
Dean had a time clock in his living room. Here is Brent posing as he clocks in...or out...?? Not sure which.
The dinner was wonderful and Brent participated in working on the gift for Dean this year. They made him a chess board and there is a robotic arm that is the opponent!! TOO COOL! I forgot to get a picture of it. DOH! If you go here, you can read more about Dean's House!! Very Interesting!


YogaGardenGirl said...

Nice!!! Sounds like you had an exciting night. I love the pics of you and hubby. You picked out a pretty outfit, too : ) Did you bring your knitting with you??

Nichole said...

NICE xmas party - I didn't realize your husband worked for Dean. Interesting!!!

Lora said...

No Gina, No knitting with me that night. The guy that we talked to at dinner was super nice and I didn't even miss my needles!! :)
Nichole, yeppers he does, that's the reason we moved here to NH. DH got a job there :)