Sunday, December 17, 2006

What a wild weekend. Friday we went to the mall to get our family portrait taken. All went well and after much much bribing we finally got a shot we liked. This is something we TRY to do yearly and did well with it until Nathan was born. We got a picture when he was 3 months old and we haven't had a family picture since!! How horrible of us not to mark the years, but we've started again so all is well. Here is the Family Picture. Aren't my boys (all 3) so handsome! So after we FINALLY got the shot we wanted we headed down the mall to see ole St. Nick. Well wouldn't you know it, our luck, we missed him!! We didn't realize he was only there until 8pm and it was like 9pm by the time we finished with our pictures. Jacob was not happy. So we told Jake that we could go back on Saturday. SO!!! Saturday rolls around and we go to the mall and we drove and drove and drove and FINALLY scored a parking spot!! We go in to see Santa again....and guess what... THE FRIGGIN' CAMERA was BROKEN!!!!!!! So again...No Santa. So as we're walking out of the mall Jake says, "We never had this much trouble finding Santa in Kentucky!! And then we're driving home and Jake's on the phone with his Grandma and he's saying "This is the worst Christmas EVER!" So I "phoned a friend" and Santa called Jacob on my cell phone but we missed it (yes we are having a hard time hooking up here, can you catch my drift??) So Santa left a voice mail for Jacob reassuring him that if they didn't talk, he knew Jacob was a great kid and that he'd leave plenty of toys under the tree for him on Christmas morning.
So today, Sunday, we are on a mission. SEE SANTA!! Yes this WILL be the day!! So we get to the mall. Lots of available parking, good...good....we get inside and there's a line for Santa and I see a flash!! Things are looking up!! So we get in line, wait patiently, and right as it's our turn..... Nature calls out to Santa!! Yes!! I kid you not, Santa's on a potty run!! And he did RUN! LMAO!!! But he did return QUICKLY, I must say, and was a jolly ole fellow when the boys sat down to get their picture and speak with him.

Doesn't Nathan look excited......He wasn't into it after all the hoop-la. But as you can tell Jacob was happy that he finally got to speak to Santa. Santa even kept Jake's list of toys he wanted. How great is that?! ARGH!! LOL
I finished the other pink and black sock today. I have them on my feet right now and they feel great! I also found my witchy yarn that I had misplaced!! Sarah you were right, stop looking and I'll find it. And I did. yeah me.
So now tonight I have to finished my Christmas cards by putting a return address on them...I should go grab some labels from a store tomorrow and save myself all that writing. I may just do that! I also need to dream of my next knitting project because I have nothing on the needles for Wednesday night "knitting practice." Oh and gals, I made some Tequila balls today. I'll bring them Wednesday night if I don't eat them all before. :)
Next Saturday we head to Kentucky for the holidays! I am very excited.


yarnophiliac said...

That photo is fantastic and I am sooo glad Jake finally got to see Santa! PHEW! I won't see you on Wednesday, so have a wonderful Christmas!

Jackie said...

What a hard time Santa gave you guys this year! I love the family picture. You ALL look wonderful. How the heck did you get BOTH boys to smile at the same time???

Nichole said...

Love the family photo! What a friggin' hard time Santa is, huh? Geesh!

Gigi said...

What a wonderful picture! I aplaud your persistence with the Jolly Old Elf! LOL

judie said...

You all make a beautiful family! :)

YogaGardenGirl said...

Gorgeous pictures, Lora! I love the black and white one. So nice!!!