Monday, January 01, 2007

Happy New Year!! We are home in New Hampshire. We came home to Snow!! What the....??? We left 60 degree weather for this?!?! Oh Please!! We haven't left the house much since we got home. I did go to the grocery yesterday, and that's the only time I've left the house since we've been home. The flight home was good but LONG!! Our plane was scheduled to leave KY at 6:35 but it was delayed until big deal... but we were flying to Chicago... when we got there our plane was delayed yet again, no big deal, oh wait, they are an hour behind us so that adds up to 1...2.... 2 hours and 50 minute delay! OH BIG DEAL! we are spending time in Chicago's airport waiting "patiently". We played games, rode the walking sidewalks, A LOT, Jake watched a movie, I read some of my book (Nope, didn't have my knitting with me, I could have finished that second sock, dag it!) Brent and the boys went and found us some food to eat. I sat with our bags. While I was sitting there reading, I stopped to look at what was around me. Christmas music playing, Christmas decorations all over, tired and weary travelers.....hey wait a I in a Christmas holiday travel movie gone BORED?? Where are the cameras? It was humourous at the time, trust me. Jacob watching a movie.
Nathan and Brent rolling the soccer ball we forgot to deflate to pack. haha.

This is a great shot of the boys and Brent on the way to Kentucky on the plane. Both of the boys first plane trip. They were great! Going to Ky and coming back to Nh.
Here I am Skymall shopping... OH LOOK a Christmas Palm tree!! Cool.
Nathan taking in a movie on the trip to KY.
Jacob snacking on the airplane crackers.
And this picture just cracks me up! Lana knew the exact moment to reach for that tree! But Brent had her just far enough she could barely touch the tree. This was taken at my grandmother's house Christmas day. Seems I've gone overboard on pictures the past couple post, but this had to be the best Christmas in a long time. I was a joy to see my family after 4 months away from them. What was my best Christmas present this year you ask??? AIRPLANE TICKETS!!! (yarn was a close second, haha)


judie said...

Thanks for sharing your Christmas pics Lora. You have such a sweet family. We have lots of Christmas palm trees here. People put lights in them in their yards. I see so much of that, that I really enjoy seeing pics of snow. Where's the snow???? Happy New Year......

Jackie said...

I love the pictures of your boys at the airport. I can't believe you kept your sanity after all the delays. And again, please bring Lana to NH!

Nichole said...

Did you learn to always have your knitting on hand in your carry on? LOL