Friday, December 29, 2006

Well what a week!! Tomorrow we make our final rounds to see friends then it's back to New Hampshire. It has been a week full of friends and family. Wednesday night Brent and I went out with some friends to a piano bar and hung out and sang Billy Joel and Elton John songs all night! FUN! Thursday night we had Christmas with my mom, dad, brother and his family. Can you say WILD!! It was fun though, always is!
Brent has been packing like crazy to see how the heck we are going to get all our new goodies back. I have done NOTHING in the line of packing because I fear he would just redo it, so that's his baby, and he's pretty darn good at it!!
Mom and I did some shopping one day and I have enough yard for 5 pairs of socks.....three pair are for mom! haha I did finish the one sock I was working on last week that I posted on Nathan's cute little leg and I'll get a shot of it when we get home.
Now for some random pictures of our holiday here at mom and dad's house since I have access to ALL their pictures!!! :):)

Stockings at my parents house are always tooooooo heavy to hang up, so they just sit under the tree looking stuffed and pretty.
Brent and I goofing with mom's camera. I kinda like this picture.
My dad laughing at the coffee mug he got! He's already checking out airfare for a visit! YEAH!
Brent and our niece, Lana. Everyone looks good in camo!
My mother and her knit hat!! She hasn't knit in years and this was her first project as a returning knitter!!
Great Job MOM!!! You'll be super warm!
My brother Scott, holding Lana.
Me and my SIL, Amber opening presents!! A KNITTING BOOK!!! YES!!!!
See you all from NH next time.


Lisa said...

How fun! You can see there's a lot of love in that house. :)

Gigi said...

Sounds like you are having a blast! We have missed you here in NH; looking forward to seeing you soon. Happy Holidays and safe traveling!

Nichole said...

Looks like you are having a marvelous time! Have a safe trip home.

Jackie said...

What a fun time! I missed you last week. OMG please tell me Brent packed Lana to come home with you guys. I want to eat her up!

Lora said...

Lots of Love Lisa!! It was hard to leave AGAIN! :)
Gigi, I missed you all too! Can't wait for Wednesday!!
Nichole, we're home and the snow was a shocker to see! LOL We left 60 degree weather for this???
Jackie, OH girlie, I tried to bring her home with me!!! She's such a dollbaby!! I just held her every chance I got!! :)