Saturday, February 10, 2007

And here they are!! The Finished Objects! Yarn: Wildfoote
Pattern: Mock Croc Socks from Knit Picks (minus the pattern down the foot...thought it would be too nubbley.
For: MOMMY!!!!!!!! These socks will be for my mother :) I'm wearing them now to make sure they wear comfortably...they do :)
Yarn: Cashsoft (Left over from Corazon Mittens)
Pattern: Fetching Mitt from
For: Jacob's teacher for Valentine's Day (....yeah sweater...right....)
The only other thing on the needles right now is the Danica scarf from I guess I'll work on it this evening while we all attempt to rest. Either that or I'll cast on some more socks or Lady Eleanor from the book Scarf Style.
On the home front we have more fevers breaking out!! WHOOPIE!!!!! Nathan woke up today with the fever and coughing and *I* have started coughing too, but no fever..... yet. So far I think Brent is OK.


Sonya said...

Those socks are the best yet!!
You are socktastic!

yarnophiliac said...

Awe honey, hope everyone feels better soon. Sucks, doesn't it? Thank goodness we have knitting. Love the socks!

YogaGardenGirl said...

Wow! Awesome socks!!! Aren't the Fetching Mitts fun to knit??

Sonya said...

What? You couldn't whip out a sweater in about a day or two.
The teachers around here are getting Valentine M&M cookies.
I bet if you were here I would have made all kinds of socks by now. :(

Nichole said...

Some great FO's! Hope everyone feels better soon.

Gigi said...

The socks came out awesome. Love the yarn! Hope you all are healthy again quickly!

P.S. Lucky teacher. =-D

Jackie said...

Great job on the soxies. Your mom is sure to love them.