Friday, February 09, 2007

YES!!! I have two Finish Objects for FO Friday!! pictures. I just finished a pair of socks and yesterday I finished a pair of fetching mittens for Jacob's teacher for Valentine's Day. I'll post pictures tomorrow because my camera does not have a flash and it's really dark right now since it's night time.
Jacob is still sick and I kept him home again today. He had a killer fever last night and woke up all out of sorts saying someone was trying to get him. Fever made him a bit delirious I think. THEN Brent gets up to come check on him and gets light headed because he took some NyQuil and he lays down on the floor in the boys room. The whole time I'm thinking "oh great..who first?!?" Finally everything calmed down, Jacob got in bed with us and his breathing was very heavy so I couldn't sleep. So I ended up setting up a spot on the opposite side of the bed and took Nathan out of his bed and put him there and FINALLY got back to sleep in Nathan's bed. I just didn't have the energy to put Nathan on the top bunk.
We got up this morning and I called the Dr's office and got Jacob and appointment. The Dr did a throat swab and checked for strep....Negative (whew!). So then the Dr ordered a Chest x-ray to rule out pneumonia...........Negative (double whew!!) So we have here on our hands a nasty virus that has to run it's course. Lovely! Jacob, Nathan and I all took a big ole nap this afternoon, and Jacob's on his second nap now. So send Jacob some good healing vibes and pray the rest of us don't get this virus...yeah I know...fat chance!
I hate it when the kids are sick. I was just bragging to my mom the other day how my kids hardly ever get sick...won't do that again!! LOL
On other knitting news....welcome two new knitting bloggers!!!
Sonya who named her blog "In the Skein of Things", I love it! (my good friend from KY, ok she lives in Indiana but we partied in KY) and Melissa (one of my fellow Manchvegas Knitters). Check them out and root them on to the madness of Blogging!!! WELCOME GIRLS!!


knitting by Steph said...

I'm glad the sickness seems to be leaving the house!!! That's awesome about your FO's!

YogaGardenGirl said...

Lots of healing vibes toward the boys...and you, too! Isn't it great to finish projects??? It was so great to see you on Wed. It hasn't been the same without you!

The Lone Beader said...

I think everyone is sick this time of year...Also, thanks for stoppin by my blog=:)