Thursday, February 08, 2007

Still here, still knitting. Nothing finished to show, but maybe tomorrow for Gina's "FO Friday"

Today I've kept Jakey-boy home and he's not feeling well. He has a good ole fever so I've tucked him back in bed and told him to rest, sleep and relax. I'm hoping Nathan will let him get some rest...we'll see! LOL
So today is a good listening day so here are two good things to listen too today:
Gina's Newest Podcast - fun for knitters, Check out Gina's blog and leave her a message and let her know I sent you over for the podcast!
Carl's song (so nice) Carl's a fun guy, back in Indiana/Kentucky area, so if you're there, go out and check him and the other guys out when they play out! Guaranteed a good time :) Brent and I always have a grand time!
The count down for Mom and Dad's visit is starting and I am getting so excited!! Mom has been here and has seen where we live and such but Dad has not yet! So I can't wait for him to see where we are living and what's around the area!!
Enjoy your Thursday!! I'm geared up for Grey's Anatomy and Men in Tree's tonight! I love those shows, oh and What about Brian that's on Monday nights. Do any of you all watch these shows?!?


Jackie said...

Sorry to hear that Jake is sick. That's the worst. I hope you don't catch it (or Nathan either). I don't watch any of those shows, but I've heard good things about Grey's. I'm all about The Office on thursdays!

Nichole said...

Get well soon Jake! I haven't gotten in to Grey's... I'm all about 24, Ghost Whisperer and Friday Night Lights though!

Jennifer said...

It seems everyone I know has sick kids at the moment - this cold weather just knocks 'em out, poor lil guys. Hope yours is better soon! I am counting down to Grey's Anatomy with a side of mindless knitting, of course :)

Sonya said...

I was counting on them to replay Grey's on Fri. night. So I did not record it. And damn if they played a rerun instead. I missed the big save. They never should have put Grey's opposite CSI.