Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Now it's Time for a Knitting Commercial!!
Have you ever been online shopping and you're like "OH I like that!" Well, I'm going to share some things with you that "OH I LIKE!" Now on top of liking these knitterly wonderful smelly things (don't worry I'll get to the smelly part, and it's a good smelly), the people who are selling these items are my friends (or me, yeah gotta plug myself)

First on the list is Gina of Sleepy Eyes Knits. Gina had two new headband patterns on her blog for sale! "The "Amanda" and "The Jacqueline"They are sold together and on my list of "Things to buy REALLLY SOON!" because I have long hair and it needs control! There is also a cute Haiku Sock pattern on her blog. Check out Gina's podcast too. Fun listening for knitting.
Next on the Knit Parade is Heather of Sereknity.com. I'm linking you to her blog and she has a button there to her store. Now, Heather has the most beautiful Hand Dyed yarn!! I have bought a color from her called "Witchy" and knit them up into some beautiful Cascading Leaves socks. I think my favorite colorway that Heather has is "Breakfast at Tiffany's". Take a look and tell me what your favorite colorway is!
Coming up next is
Ericka of Armedwithpointysticks.com. Now Ericka's products are a different sort, but OH SO SMELLY!!! (In a good way) Ericka is making her own soap called "Down to Hearth" Let me tell you all..........she has some goooooood smelling soap. Brownie Batter and Lavender (no no silly, Not together!), and my favorite is the "Cut Grass" though I think she's trying to come up with a better name. She also invested in the CUTEST sheep soap mold!! OMG too cute!
Finally I have to plug Myself. I have a small little Etsy shop called
Lora's Keyhole. I've been making draw string bags to carry your knitting projects in. But these are good for any kind of small project you carry around. Crochet, cross stitch, or just a little carry purse for quick trips. I hope to get more bags up soon and last night I was thinking of other projects because lately I like my sewing machine. So who knows what will pop up there! Thanks to all that have bought my bags!! Let me know how they are...leave a comment :)

Now to our regularly scheduled blogging.

Hi all, I had the most wonderful knitting weekend in Maine!! I went up to York, Maine to The Yarn Cellar with the Manchvegas knitting gals to meet up with the Chicks with Sticks group. We had a delicious time at the Chinese restaurant next door followed by a sweet cookie time back at the Yarn Cellar. Patti and Roger, the store owners, were wonderful and open to our wild and woolly (no pun intended) gang of knitters!! I snagged this picture either off of Amanda's or Heather's blog, I can't remember.

Gina, Heather, Ericka and Chris (Ericka's boy toy) met Julie at a spinning show in Maine a couple months ago and set all this fun stuff up!! I rode there with Melissa (thanks for driving girlie!!), Gina and Jackie. We had an enjoyable time on the car ride. When we got to the store I quickly fell in love with George (Jackie or Gaye, I realllllly need a picture here to explain). No no I'm NOT leaving my husband. George is a Hedge hog. A huggable Hedge Hog. SO CUTE. Anyway starting at the bottom left sitting we have Laurin, Gaye, Ericka, Gina, Julie, Melissa, Amanda, Chris, Chris (yep 2 of them), Heather and Mary. Standing in the back we have Patti, Lisa, Jackie and Moi. The gal in green looking at the book is Martha, I think that was her name, she worked there at the store. If you look across the table from Laurin, you'll see my entrelac stole/scarf I'm working on. I had the BEST time and I am so happy I found this group when I moved to NH. It's good to have friends. Knitting friends to boot!


Anonymous said...

Lora, It was sooo nice to meet all of you on Saturday. And SO.MUCH.FUN! I noticed your little knit bag Saturday and loved it; I'll have to go check out your shop :)

YogaGardenGirl said...

Thank you so much for the plug!!! How come I'm the only blogger with no pic of Saturday??? (wahhhh!)

Your bags are adroable, too!

ErickaJo said...

We're glad you found us, too :)

Thanks for the ad space, now I'm going to have to actually get product in my etsy shop :D

And, btw, I have that scrub top set aside. I'll bring it tomorrow.

yarnophiliac said...

Hey cutie! Thanks for the props! It was the best time ever, wasn't it? Haven't felt that relaxed, nor laughed that easily in a long long time.

Sonya said...

NH is full of crafty people! I saw several things I just have to have.