Wednesday, March 14, 2007

OH My gosh it is a beautiful day outside here in New Hampshire!!! Nathan and I walked up to the Superette (what a cute word) and got some chips to have with our sandwiches for lunch. I have my windows open and ***inhale*** FRESH AIR is swooping through the house!! I have not knit anything today but I did cut some fabric for about 5 more knitting project bags. So watch for them on my Etsy store either Friday or sometime this weekend!
Some of you saw the Supergirl bag I made for my friend Sonya. Well there will be two super bags up on my etsy with Supergirl fabric and another beautiful brown and teal bag up for grabs. I just love brown and teal together! I may sew some this afternoon if I feel like draggin the sewing machine out, but have to wait and see if we have Cub Scouts tonight or not...I'm really not sure!
In other exciting news, Nathan flushed the Scooby-Do Mystery Machine hotwheels car down the toilet today. This is a really Mysterious came back!!! After a couple flushes I thought it was gone for good. But about 20 minutes later when Nathan had to "go" we went in the bath room to find it in the bottom of the toilet, just waiting to be saved. One good thing to know though is you can't Flush Buzz Lightyear!! Ah the joys of potty training! BTW...Nathan is doing a great job!! He hasn't had a pull up on in over a month!!! I feel so proud of BOTH of us!!


Sonya said...

The gang must have solved the mystery of the toilet and came home. It has rained here almost all day. Thunder lightning, the works. Can't wait to see the bags, might just have to get one more.

Amanda1 said...

You have me cracking up about the mystery machine. Sounds like a lot of fun goes on at your house!