Monday, March 05, 2007

OK in my comments from the previous post..Gina is apparently speaking in tongues to me about needing to post!! So here goes....

Mom and dad got in last Wednesday night for their NH Visit!!! WOO HOO I was so happy!
So here's how it started!!!

We went to B&N on Wednesday night and they met the Manchvegans. No disapproving looks after meeting the crew, You all were SUCH GOOD Manchvegans!!! So well behaved...pulled the wool over their eyes... LOL.
Thursday we did a little shopping and mom and I got some yarn and decided to try some dishcloths. FUN!! Thursday night Brent took Dad by his work and gave him a tour. I think dad enjoyed that a lot!! Right up his alley!
Friday...Nor'easter of sorts came through and kept us all in the apartment. Nothing like snowed in family time!! It was wonderful! Of and I knit! Nathan pestered and played with my dad, Brent and Jake played PlayStation.
Saturday we went to the See Science Center and then out to eat at Famous Dave's. YUM. I go there every Wednesday night with the gals from knitting but I never eat. Now I KNOW what I'm missing! Mom and I went back to AC Moore for more yarn and coupons in hand!! LOL
Sunday we went to Mack's Apple Orchard and got a peck of apples, some apple cider donuts (YUM must get more) and some caramel and peanut butter caramel dip. The boys are in heaven!! They Love apples! And I must admit..the apples we got there are much better than the grocery stores for some reason! Oh yeah... AC Moore again yet for some more yarn for dishcloths. (we were on a kick!! let me tell ya!)
Monday we went to the Raddison hotel to get some gifts for family back in KY and then a little ride up to Hooksett to go to Joann's (needed needles to sew on Mommy's head [Mommy is one of Nathan's stuffed Bears that he named "Mommy"] and the post office (because it's easier to park at that post office than the one in downtown Manch.) Then back home for some chili for lunch, loaded the car, pick up Jake from School and off to the airport.
We dropped mom and dad off and now things are kinda.......lonely

All in all, I give the visit a 10,000 out of a scale of 1 - 10. It was so nice to be able to show dad around and now he knows where we lived and such. I think it gives him a bit of peace knowing.

In other news.....Sonya gifted the family with some fun stuff!!!! Coloring books for the boys, Yarn for me and well.... for Brent???
This is Fabric Sonya wants made in to a project bag.... Still want that bag Sonya after you've seen what Brent can do with it?!? Sexy? No?
And of course the box it came in....a fashionable hat?? I think not!
So that's what's been going on. Once mom emails me some pictures from the visit off her camera I'll be posting more!! There are going to be some good ones I know!!
I can't wait for Wednesday night knitting group!! I'm trying hard to stay busy since we got home from the airport so the blues don't set it with my parents leaving for KY. Part of me silently prayed that it would come another big storm and they'd get stuck another day, but alas sometimes we do get unanswered prayers.... pfffffft!!!


Sonya said...

If he had made a loin cloth with it, then no I don't think I would want that. It would be just too weird to put my yarn balls where others had been.

Lora said...

LMAO!! OH crack me up1

Amanda1 said...

Lora, glad you had a great visit with your folks. We missed having you there on Wed night (ya know, for the whole thing!), but it was nice to meet your parents.

See you Wed!

yarnophiliac said...

What a great visit, Lora. I know it is hard to be the one left behind, too. And guess what? We ended up at the See Scence center on Sunday! My first time there -- what a great place!
Love the dish cloths -- hope you bring some w/ you on wed.!

Nichole said...

What a nice and fun filled visit, complete with your "snow day" - the ultimate New England experience, no? :) The dishcloths are beautiful!

Jackie said...

I love the cloths. I'm glad you had a nice visit with your parents. How'd the kids like the SEE?

YogaGardenGirl said...

Sounds like you had an AMAZING time!!!! I really LOVE those dishcloths! Can you share some of the patterns with us? They were cool!

And...thanks for doing the blog! He he

marion said...

A great post! Loved the You Tube stuff. I know how hard it is to be so far from home and parents. It does makes visits so special,even more for the kids and grandparents.