Wednesday, March 07, 2007

While mom and dad were here we went to the See Science Center. I recommend this to anyone with little ones! It was so cool! The picture above is of the family sharing some popcorn before we left.
Here's a picture of the boys close to the entrance.
Nathan playing some music.
Jacob spinning in a chair.
Me and my mom in a three walled mirror. Kinda like a kaleidoscope. WILD to see that many of me!!


Sonya said...

It looks like you'll had a great time. If the 5 of us ever make it up there we want to go.

Jackie said...

Looks like the boys had a good time. I like the million Loras photo. Oh, we should plan a trip to the children's museum in Portsmouth!

Amanda1 said...

Great pics! I love to see the non-knitting stuff on blogs, too! What a great family... Bet you all have lots of fun.

Good to see you last night. Was a big group!