Wednesday, March 21, 2007

This ole house once knew my children, this ole house once knew my wife;
This ole house was home and comfort as we fought the storms of life.
This old house once rang with laughter, this old house heard many shouts;
Now she trembles in the darkness when the lightnin' walks about.

"This Ole House" lyrics by Stuart Hamblen.

Yes my friends, it is finished. The house is SOLD! This is ..wait....WAS our house in Kentucky. (ok so maybe that last line of lyrics makes no reference to anything but it's part of the song and I loved the first three lines. It's actually a good song. Rosemary Clooney sang it years ago.)
In this house we had many birthday parties. In this house is where Nathan first crawled and walked. In this house is where there were many band practices in the basement. In this house we had the company of family and friends many times. Good times were had. Wonderful memories were made!! I love you old house, but I will not miss you! I'm sure the walls will ring forever with the joys of laughter from my boys and Brent and I. Good Bye Ole House.
A big THANK YOU to my parents, Cecil and Loretta, during this process!! We would have had to fly back to Kentucky (which really wouldn't have been a totally bad thing) to close on the house, but with their help we were able to sit in Brent's break room at work and wait for the phone call that all papers were signed and we were no longer Homeowners.
Another big THANK YOU goes out to the Manchvegas knitting group and the Sunergo Knitters (in Kentucky) for listening to me whine and fuss about the house and the selling process. Surely I can find something else to whine about now! haha!
So celebrate with Brent and I. We went to the closest 7 eleven and got a Mtn. Dew (for Brent), Cherry Coke Zero and a York Peppermint pattie (for me), and a sucker (lollipop, whatever!) for Nathan. Jacob was at school and didn't get to celebrate with us, but we'll get him a little something later. :o)


Nichole said...

Congratulations! Now, does the house hunt in NH begin?

Lora said...

OH HECK NO!!! I'm not in any hurry after all this hulla -ba-loo!

Jennifer said...

Congratulations - now you can relax :) There's just no stress like real estate stress!

Anonymous said...

Woot Finally.

I am just sorry we couldn't do it for you faster.

Anyway, Congrats!

Amanda1 said...

YAY FOR YOU! I know this was quite a process, and congrats for it being over!

See you tonight.

Sonya said...

I am so glad that this headache is over for you. Stacy and I had the same thought. As long as the house was for sale you'll might come back. We can let go of that foolishness now.

Loretta *skeeter* said...


such a bittersweet moment.. I still miss our house we sold last year.. we saw it grow from 2x4's and wire to a place of laughter, bbq's, the first house tina ever knew, lots of laughter and tears, *Sigh* it was "ours". Tell ya what though i do NOT miss the air conditioner constantly dying, the dryer duct clogging forever, the floods in the backyard when it rained LOL.

Take it easy Lora enjoy being renters.. SO much easier sometimes LOL

Jackie said...

Yay! Finally!! No More Mortgage!! Congratulations.

Denise said...

Yeah!!!!!!!! Awesome!!!!!!! And you kept your first born!!!! (too bad about the second one though).
Did they get plane tickets to disneyworld? All the appliances they could eat? Maybe just one or two flowers in the garden?
Good job!!!! Have a beer!
Cheers, Denise