Saturday, March 17, 2007

Yesterday I got this package in the mail!! Remember when mom and I were on a dishcloth kick? Well I was making some to send in for a swap, and this is what I got back!! Aren't they just so cool! I'm digging the one that hangs on the oven door, and I'm so glad I got a garterlac cloth back! I've already used the green square one in my kitchen and hung the green hanging one! There was also an abundance of chocolate in the package too! Butterfingers and Reese's Peanut Butter Cups.....YUM................ haha. Thank you Katherine!!

ok so posting that picture makes me think of something I keep saying I'll do and I keep forgetting!! Argh...what's up brain?? It's a simple request!
So Amanada you go! Go to this link and you'll have the pattern for the dishcloths and scrubbies I showed you all!!

Dishcloth Duo

OK So I go out to let the dog out this morning and well...he can't get out because the snow is so friggin' deep!! JEEZ but it's deep!!! Look at my poor car!! Where do you think I'll go today? um...NO WHERE maybe?
oh but wait!! We have a second car! yeah ok...not going anywhere to fast in this car either now, are we? Well the plows did come through about midnight last night so if we can shovel our driveway a bit, we can then shovel out our cars. Oh what fun!
I did see people out driving on the street behind ours, so apparently you CAN get out. I don't guess I need anything but maybe Milk and I can always walk up to Bunny's Superette and get that.


Sonya said...

Ok you're off the hook for the post office. Take a picture and email it to her.

yarnophiliac said...

Hey Kiddo! Ain't NE great?? Nice spoils from your swap. You have to help me with the garlerlac cloth -- I had started one and LOVED it but got really stuck going up a level. So those little roung tingies are scrubber pads? Neat!

Amanda1 said...

Lucky you for your swap package! And, you got the chocolate you were in need of!

Thanks for the link! ((wink))


Nichole said...

You are a lucky girl - that's an awesome swap package! very nice. If you do another one of these, please send me the info. Good luck with shoveling... Matt is outside snowblowing as I type. Supposed to go to a hockey game in Boston tonight... feeling more like hunkering down though!
Hey, where's you Kate pics?

Lisa said...

I've been catching up on your posts. The dishclothes are pretty and I'd never seen scrubbies like that. I saved the pattern. Thanks for posting it!

I enjoyed your story about karaoke..and loved the pics of your boys with you parents. Man, you have cute boys! I can't believe mine used to be that little. :)

Melissa said...

wow, I can't believe how deep the snow is! I guess my driveway is a bit sheltered on both sides by my hose and the neighbors house so it didn't seem that deep. Rusty wouldn't go out until 2pm!!! I finally had to drag him, I was afraid he would explode! Don't you just LOVE Bunny's???