Wednesday, April 25, 2007

FUN IN THE SUN! OMG the weather here is finally nice!!

Monday, the boys and I went to the park with Jackie and her children and Gina and her boys. We had a picnic, played at the park and blew bubbles.....we had that park FULLLL of bubbles! Jacob's allergies kicked up a bit while we were there so he opted to lay on the blanket and cover his head. Funny boy!Nathan had a great time on the slide.
Amanda posted her fridge on her blog and I thought it looked like fun so I'm posting mine too! What's on your fridge??! The bottom half sports some of Jacob's art! The upper half sports tons of pictures and magnets. On the TOP are Banana's and a cookie jar! YUM LOL I feel honored that we made the front of Sonya's fridge. Her son Eli is on our fridge, but I still need a picture of Alex and Olivia (HINT HINT).
Now the EXCITING NEWS for me this week is I GOT MY NEW PURSE!!! I ordered this purse off of Etsy from a super sweet gal named Theresa! I had seen her purses on her etsy shop and loved them. She had some cool totes too that had this fabric on it called "Inked" by Alexander Henry. I love Alexander Henry fabric!! BUT she didn't have a cute little messenger bag in the "Inked" fabric, so I contacted her about making one for me. The conversation with her was great. She made sure she knew exactly what I wanted. When I got the purse the other day I was SO excited!! Brent even likes it. You need to jump on over to her Etsy shop and see her goods! Especially if you want a cool rockin' purse like mine! :) Thanks Theresa for the great purse!! Go to Theresa's Etsy HERE


Sonya said...

That IS a cool bag. I'll send some pics soon. :)

Nichole said...

Great pics - looks like you guys had a blast... while some of us had to work in this wonderful weather... sigh.

Jackie said...

CUTE bag. Great pics from the park.

Jennifer said...

OMG your fridge is naked compared to mine - I can barely find it under all the notices, calendars, and school junk - oops I mean "masterpieces" - LOL. Wasn't the warm weather nice? And doesn't today suck? :-(

Amanda1 said...

Great pics, I love the bag!

SleepyEyes said...

The pics are adorable...can you photoshop me OUT of the two top pics? Thanks. LOL!

It was such a fun day!