Thursday, April 26, 2007

This post is brought to you by a chocolate hedge hog!! tee hee
Today was a BEAUTIFUL day and I had nothing planned for the boys because I thought it was supposed to rain. It didn't. I said I was going to sew today and I have! This is the result of my sewing adventure today. A tote bag. Isn't it purdy! I did take a break and blow some bubbles with Nathan around lunch time. That was fun!!
Below is the swag I got from my Secret Pal 10. Oh jealous, be very jealous!! I got 5 hand made stitch markers, all they way down to the lamp work beads! OH How I love that my SP10 is a lamp worker! I so wish I had the patience and time to try it! One day I will, maybe when both boys are old enough to play with fire with me. haha Isn't the card just cute too!
She also sent me a package of chocolate hedgehogs!! Can you believe it!! They're pretty good too. The little guy at the beginning of this post is from the package (and in my belly now).
My first ever skein of Socks that Rock!! The colors are SO ME!!! Even the Manchvegas knitters said they were perfect colors for me! I agree. :)
Now...this sock below. *sigh* I think it's destined to be a single sock. I just didn't enjoy knitting it. The pattern was easy and a good pattern. I am not knocking the designer at all, but after the pattern I really got bored with the sock and had to force myself to finish it. Who knows I may rip it one day or get a sock blocker and display it. I mean it is a FO! Right! It feels good on my foot and the pattern around the ankle is cute!! but I just can't bring myself to do another one. I have never had this problem before. Take for instance the Cascading Leaves pattern, OH man I love it! and for some reason it holds my interest! Maybe I should just cast on the second sock and tell myself to get over it so I'll have another pair of cute socks!! Come on Lora you can do it!!! KNIT LORA KNIT!


Anonymous said...

Glad you liked the stuff. The socks that rock yarn was easy to pick out - we seem to have the same colour preferences and I just picked out what I liked!
Lampworking is fun but beware, it's incredibly addictive. I can't wait for the weather to warm up a bit more so I can spend hours in my garage with my torch.
If you have specific bead wishes, feel free to ask!

Sonya said...

Very cute chocolate! Love the bag.
I have heard lots about the STR but have never seen a skein before. I love those colors too

Anonymous said...

Hedgehogs, eh? Looks like your SP has been paying attention to your blog :) Great package; the STR is beautiful!

As for the second sock, I say Knit Lora, knit! You'll be glad you did once it's done.

Jackie said...

I love STR colors. The bag is beautiful. Great job!

Nichole said...

Gorgeous bag - you are so multi talented! Great package from you SP! And yes, c'mon now... knit the 2nd sock.. you'll have a cute pair if you do! :)

SleepyEyes said...


P.S. And your SP10 package was out of this world! How did the hedgehog taste??

Holly said...

mmm, chocolate animals! Yummy! And I love the bag!

jennifer said...

oh. my. goodness. chocolate hedgehogs?!?!?! how wonderful!

happy to have just found your blog and i adore the corner store post!