Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Never...I mean NEVER a dull moment!!

Saturday was WWKIP day (world wide knit in public day). I met with some of my Manchvegas knitters and we knit in the rain. I took Nathan with me and let him puddle jump...and MAN did he have a blast! Gina and Melissa and Ericka I think have pictures on their blogs (in my links over there ------> )
Sunday, the little stinker got out of the house with out us knowing!! Once I realized he wasn't in his room and I saw the back door open I FREAKED RIGHT THE HECK OUT!! Long story short, he's safe, he's home with me and LOCKS ON DOORS HAVE BEEN CHANGED so he can't unlock them!! I swear I thought I just might die if I didn't find that little guy!
Tonight...oh yes, there's more. Apparently our neighbors are in a little "tiff" and the boyfriend thinks it's ok to sit in the street and honk his horn and yell into the house at his girlfriend at 10:15pm. Niiiiiiiiiiice. And the boys room windows are right by the action. So I had to explain to the boys that they are safe, the neighbors just have bad timing for fighting. I hope they rest peacefully now that I explained to them what was going on. Our neighbor next door came out and confronted the guy at his car. So I doubt he'll be back..... Here's hoping.
Not much knitting wise to show. Maybe next time. :) Sorry there are no picture this post. I just haven't felt like blogging since the scare Sunday.


marion said...

That is scary! Caroline disappeared on me when she was about two. I also freaked out. Called the police and then I found her asleep under a bed. Marion

Amanda1 said...

Lora, my little guy has been trying to get out, too! It freaks me out, I'm so scared to take my eyes off him.

Sounds like you've had enough action lately. Hope things settle down.

Jackie said...

Man, you must've had a heart attack! The little devil.

I would have called the cops on that guy. Those people have some nerve. Especially with the crap they give you!

Jennifer said...

Lora, you poor thing, that must have been so scary. My little guy disappeared during his 2nd birthday party, of all times. Fortunately, he was just sitting on the neighbor's lawn pouting, but he had *crossed the street* to get there. New locks = great idea! Especially with those busy boys ;)

SleepyEyes said...

Yikes...what a scare! Boy, your neighbors are real winners, aren't they??

Sonya said...

It happened, so know you are off the hook for something like that again. If you need I can loan you my baby sling. That way you can be literally attached at the hip.