Friday, June 08, 2007

Questionairre for Virtual Vacation Swap
1. If you could visit any state in the US, which would it be and why? Hummm... I think it would be cool to visit Alaska
2. If you could visit any country in the world, other than your own, which would it be and why? Germany. I've seen pictures that my parents took while in the service and also pictures my huband too while he was in the service (before we met)
3. Have you ever driven across several states/providence/countries? Oh yes. Several times. As a child my parents drove to Idaho from Kentucky, and just last summer I drove with 2 kids, my mom and a dog from Kentucky to New England.
4. Have you ever visited someplace you consider exotic? Where was it? Exotic...hum... no
5. What was your favorite "travel" vacation? Why? I really enjoyed the trip that Brent, Jake and I took to Ocean City, Maryland about 4 years ago. We camped with the Wild ponies. It was cool!
6. Have you ever played tourist in your own home city/state (if international, country)? Nope.
7. Are you a museum visitor, beach comer or an amusement seeker? I guess either Beach Comer or Amusement seeker. Not much for Museums.
8. What's your favorite type of yarn? Lately I've been knitting a lot with Merino Style yarns. Like sock yarn or knitpicks Merino style.
9. What's your least favorite type of yarn? bobble novelty yarn
10. What items do you like to knit/crochet? Socks and toys...quick knits.
11. What do you pack, knit/crochet wise when you go on vacation? I will be packing socks and a hedge hog for the trip to Kentucky this summer. :)
12. What other crafts do you do/would like to do other than Knit/Crochet? I am just learning to spin on a drop spindle. I love to sew with my sewing machine and I'm always on the look out for cute fabric!
13. Are you allergic to anything? (Yarn wise or treat wise) No food allergies.
14. What is your favorite color? Least Favorite? My favorite color is Green followed closely by Orange. Not fond of Yellow.
15. Sweet or Savory (Treat not personality)? I like Milk Chocolate.
16. Anything else we are forgetting to ask that you think your partner desperately needs to know? I'm going to copy off my friend Sonya on this one. I like magnets for my fridge. The kids think they are fun too and it is fun to tell them where they came from. My favorite show is I love Lucy. I like Diet Cherry Coke. I miss drinking Big Red..they don't have it in New England.


SleepyEyes said...

I'm with you, Lora....milk chocolate and Knit Picks Merino Style. Love both of them!

Laurie said...

I'm just stopping by from the virtual vacation. Would new england happen to be DC? =) Or would you be willing to move to DC so I can find that mysterious blog?