Monday, July 02, 2007

Hello all

Things are going GREAT in KY. We have FINALLY made all the rounds and have seen all the grandparents and most of our friends.

The big news around here is Jacob has lost 3 teeth in the ONE week we've been here. The first one came out at the zoo and the other two came out last night during a pillow fight with some friends. Yeah SERIOUS pillow fighting people here, my friends!
Still trying to figure out a way to bring this little cutie pie home. Jackie, where's that extra suitcase???
For some ODD reason my hubby has a strange spell over us Probus girls. Lacey and Lana are as "twitterpated" (reference from the movie Bambi, remember??) with him as I am!!

There's a tad bit of knitting going on when I get a chance to sit down. Mom is rocking along on her two socks on one needle. She's about to turn the first heel. I'll get pictures soon. She's using Heather's Breakfast at Tiffany's Sport yarn. SOOOOO SOFT.

Until next time.


NH Knitting Mama said...

I'm glad you're having a good time! Hopefully it has cooled off for you a little bit!

Nichole said...

Has it cooled off there like it was here? It was actually - gasp - CHILLY up at Loudon for the race yesterday!

Melissa said...

I guess the tooth fairy must live in Kentucky! So cute!! And yeah, that boy o' yours must have some kinda mojo going on - he makes the girls who play for that "other team" swoon even!! hee hee - no worries though, I'm all talk and no action!! Linc says hi :o)

shayes74 said...

Can't wait to see you at knitting tonight :D I'm glad you got to work everyone in! I can only imagine how you've been juggling everything! And THREE teeth? Woo Hoo, the tooth fairy is keepin' busy!

Sonya said...

You do know that Olivia feels the same way too.