Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Yesterday Brent and I met up with our friends Sonya (and her two boys) and Priscilla (and her two kids with a friend taggin along. the more the merrier!) Here's Sonya and I sitting in the shade. The bridge behind us will go under construction soon to be a pedestrian bridge and you can walk from Indiana to Kentucky across the Ohio River. Won't be catching me on that too soon!
Jacob (in the green shirt) Eli (Blue shorts) and Alex (back to us, I think that's him) were digging a serious hole and filling it with water in the sand box area.
Here's a shot of Jacob bringing more water. The water park is behind him and that's the same bridge that I spoke about above. Far in the back ground is Indiana, but we're still in Kentucky. Today we had the joy of relaxing at a friends house who had an awesome pool!!! Jacob and Nathan were like fish in the water all day! Nathan was in from 1-4pm constantly.....only got out to pee and take ONE bite of a cracker. Check out Jacob jumping in the pool!!! FUN FUN.
Most of the day we had the pool to ourselves. Some of our friends family showed up and it was great to see them. Even got to see a little one that was born right around the time we moved to NH that we never saw. CUTE!!! (Jackie I need ANOTHER suitcase! you're slackin' girlie)
I went knitting tonight with mom and Sonya. We had a great time and I'm going to snag some pictures from Sonya. She took some tonight since my camera card was full of pictures. I've downloaded all my pictures to mom's computer to burn later for the trip home. So watch for more pics.


NH Knitting Mama said...

Looks like so much fun. I love mellow days with friends like that!

Jackie said...

The suitcase is on the way! We'll be thinking of you tonight.

shayes74 said...

awwww swimming sounds nice and i bet the kiddos were WORN out after all that!